from FAWM songs 2019 (extended) by Cat Faber

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This is again a TAZ:Amnesty song, and contains (vague) spoilers from Episodes up to #22 (the latest at this time.) It was written for FAWM (February Album Writing Month--see www.fawm.org) and thus is a rough recording since I wrote it this morning.
Congratulations you are getting very fresh music!


Lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2019

I’m no genius but I’m still able
To call out the problem when I can see
An ecosystem’s no longer stable;
Here is the sitch as it looks to me:

This unsustainable situation
Won’t be contained in this tiny town
A single match lights a conflagration;
It’s spreading. How do we shut it down?

Juno knows we are up to something
Pidge even helped us one fateful night
Calvin Owens was water’s plaything
You know his daddy's the sheriff—right?

Someone tell me just what the bleep’ll
We do about this damn agent guy?
Inobservant and careless people
Don’t get hired by the FBI.

We’ve made a start with the plain denying
But bullshit walks only so damn far...
Though you’re an artist at flat out lying,
The sheriff will challenge your repertoire.

Flimflam artists or pyromancers,
We’d better come up with a backup plan.
Now that a gang is out hunting for answers,
It’s a matter of time till the shit hits the fan!


from FAWM songs 2019 (extended), track released February 10, 2019




Cat Faber Tennessee

I write music about science fiction and fantasy subjects, commonly referred to as "filk."

I write much faster than I can record. Recent songs may be found at my website--the URL is given below.

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